The Original 365 Grateful Project

Early in 2008, Hailey Bartholomew started a year-long photographic project called the "365 Grateful Project."

My blog was inspired by her journey.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009



Jack Riepe said...

A good deal of the wonder in this picture comes from the disposition of the light... Yet with Kirin, a lot of the light comes from within, like with the woman who took the picture.


The man behind the rumor in the front office.

Denise said...

Leslie, your little guy is morphing from a baby to a TODDLER! What a cutie.

Hope you're well.

dede warren said...

Little man!

This little peanut is growing so fast Leslie. Look closely and I'm sure you see it right before your eyes. Soon you will be playing dominos, making homemade pizzas, taking in movies and all manner of fun with him, as I did with my E earlier this week. How lucky are we!?!